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This is the only cancer hospital in their area and the only with a small 8 bed ICU. It is hard to imagine that this ICU caters to half million people, it is always full and we feel sorry to be turning away patients on a daily basis. To better our services and make them accessible to more people in need, we have gone above and beyond what any healthcare institute would provide in such a short time. We have constructed a new building to start a 24 bed ICU, 2 Modular OTs and to expand other hospital services.

With fundraising efforts we have been able to start furnishing work as well, but we need funds for life saving equipment – Ventilators, Defibrillators, Monitors, C-Arm Anesthesia Station etc, for our ICU and OT, and also for modern and high-tech support infrastructure for these units (this involve epoxy flooring, air handling units etc.).

Intensive Care Unit

Equipment Costing
12 Ventilators @ Rs. 1128000
24 Monitors @ Rs. 336000
4 Defibrillators @Rs. 302400
Furnishing cost @ Rs. 3350000

Operation Theatre

Equipment Costing
2 Anesthesia Station @ Rs.1500000
2 C Arm @ Rs.2500000
2 OT Lights @ Rs.1000000
2 OT Table @ Rs.1500000
Furnishing costs for  OTs @ Rs.1240000

Sponsor Mobile Palliative Care Unit – Our free home care service –  Sneh-Sparsh to terminally-ill Cancer and
other Patients’ @ $ 2,312 per month

Donate for cancer detection and screening camps @ $ 2,775 for 300 people