Our Doctors

Our constant endeavor is to maintain high standards of quality in the hospital, following the same we have formed a very qualified and committed team of doctors. The most outstanding characteristic of all our doctors is the commitment to the cause which reflects in their work and their attitude towards patients.
Our journey from 50 sq. feet to 75,000 sq. feet

Our journey from 50 sq. feet to 75,000 sq. feet

The story of our beginning goes back to 2003, when the Rotary Club of Ambala just had a wish in our hearts to have a cancer care facility in Ambala. We wanted to save the people of Ambala from running from one hospital to another in different cities, those who have braved cancer understand the importance of having a care facility nearby.

Rotary in News

Ist Laparoscopic Removal of Spleen
Rotary Hospital Ambala did the very first laparoscopic removal of the spleen in the entire Ambala Zone. The surgery was done by our dedicated General Surgeon...
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First Stapler Surgery for Piles
First stapler surgery for piles was done on 17/09/2021 at Rotary Hospital Ambala. The surgery was Bloodless, scarless and the patient was discharged on the s...
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Second Oxygen Plant Installed within 2 weeks
On May 10, 2021, The Rotary Hospital Ambala decided to set up a new high capacity oxygen plant, in view of the increasing graph of Covid patients and the acu...
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